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Having a marketing plan is an increasingly important part of your business growth and success. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the busy lifestyle of a start-up or growing business to find time to stop and take a step back and observe where your business is going, the goals you want to achieve, improvements you want to make. Ask yourself: how are you planning to improve sales? Are you solely relying on word-of-mouth to attract customers? Is your brand and current marketing techniques reaching the right audience? Kay Creative can work with you to review your current methods of marketing and advise on other marketing techniques and strategies that will work towards achieving your goals.

Marketing can be completed across various different platforms using a variety of techniques, the primary categories of marketing are digital marketing, content marketing and traditional marketing. You may want to run a one-off marketing campaign. For example, to focus on increasing brand awareness, your social media following or getting people to visit your place of business. Kay Creative can discuss with you what you are looking to achieve and the steps to take towards your goals.

Creative Marketing Services

Affordable Business Marketing Solutions

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Kay Creative offer a variety of marketing services, below is a short summary. Contact Kay Creative if you have an enquiry or would like a quotation on a service that is or is not listed.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategy


Online marketing


Social media marketing


Email marketing


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing


Search engine optimisation (SEO)


Marketing campaigns




Video editing

Content Marketing

Project planning


Content strategy




Content writing


Blog writing





Traditional Marketing

Direct mail


Printed collateral


Print advertisements








Printed marketing campaigns

Copywriting & Content Writing

Website content


Blog content


Creative writing


Social media content




Direct mail


Press adverts


Marketing campaigns


Email newsletters

Marketing Consultancy

Market research


Marketing strategy


Project management


Marketing management


Brand development


3, 6, 9 or 12 month marketing plan

Marketing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing

Your questions, answered. Frequently asked marketing related questions. Have a query? Simply contact Kay Creative and ask your question.

Why is digital marketing importent?

Digital Marketing is important as it reaches a larger audience over traditional marketing, engages customers and the data can be re-targeted to individuals through mediums such as social media marketing and email marketing. Digital Marketing can be vital to a businesses success. People want businesses that they can trust and information available to them when they want it. You not only need to have an online presence through your website or social media but effectively market your company on a ongoing basis.


In most cases, Digital Marketing as a whole should make up a large proportion of your overarching marketing plan along with other marketing methods for optimal brand exposure.

Why should I have a marketing plan?

The short answer is, your business deserves a marketing plan.


It’s easy to get wrapped up in the busy lifestyle of a start-up or growing business. Do you find yourself bogged down with day-to-day business activities and are over-looking the long term goal? Ask yourself: how are you planning to increase sales? Are you solely relying on word-of-mouth to attract customers? Is your brand and current marketing techniques reaching the right audience? Having goals to aim towards; set over a reasonable period of time such as quarterly or annually, will shape your marketing strategy. By having this in writing, it will keep you focused and shift you into gear if your going off course.


Ultimately, the goal of a marketing plan is to keep your business moving in the right direction and growing year-on-year.

What is content marketing?

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘content is king’? Content Marketing is based around the idea of projecting rich, valuable, knowledgeable content rather then information based solely on selling your business services and products. With many businesses trying to make their mark in the digital world, there is an often a lot of noise with attention based statements. Content Marketing focuses on getting people to listen.


By providing information individuals are interested in or would be inclined to share builds trust in your business, brand awareness and attracts and retains customers. Content Marketing is great, because it doesn’t feel like a sales pitch to consumers and like all good marketing tactics it ultimately drives customers to take further action and improves sales.

Marketing Statistics

Marketing Facts & Statistics


78% of consumers now research online prior to purchase (source)


76% of small businesses say their marketing strategy encompasses a combination of both digital and printed communication (source)

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