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David Cooper or ‘Mouse’ as he is widely known, is a professional artist and illustrator. Cooper primarily paints beautiful equine pieces, conveying movement and emotion. David has a strong prominence in the horse racing capital of Newmarket, Suffolk and has exhibited at many museums.


David is well known in his home town of Newmarket, Suffolk due to his many paintings of an equine nature, and has sold many pieces there and around the UK. David’s dedicated team approached me and explained that Cooper was at the next stage of his career and was more then ready to boost his profile further afield, therefore wanted to expand his following and sell his artwork worldwide! Getting David’s work online and discovered was the foundation of this dream.


As well as promoting his portfolio, Mouse loves to teach his art techniques to inspire others and is involved in many workshops, exhibitions and has featured in multiple magazines. Therefore his website needed to be the hub to promote his work, workshops and news articles or other activities.


Limiting the use of colour throughout the website by using a neutral colour palette, this enabled the vividness of Coopers paintings to be prominent. The site features a news feed, links to share on social media and a gallery, with the options to organise paintings by theme, highlight recent work for sale and to archive items sold. As well as the design and build of the website, I advised the client on content for search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing purposes. Fully optimised for mobile viewing, a responsive website adapts to all device sizes such as mobile and tablet. As well as creating a positive user experience, having a responsive website is essential for improving your website ranking on Google and getting found online.


Built using the intuitive WordPress Content Management System (CMS), this enabled the client and his team to update the website themselves. After a short training session on the most relevant tools they would need, they were able to edit and add new portfolio items, news articles and view many forms of analytics. I am always here on hand if they ever need any advanced amends or new features added beyond their capabilities.


Now his website has opened him up to a bigger market, his artwork is sold across the globe.