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Product Image Manipulation


Denny Bros Ltd are a world leading print company that pioneered the multi-page label technology known as Fix-a-Form®. The Fix-a-Form® label occupies the same space as a standard label, but provides additional space for content or multi-language information.


Denny Bros Ltd were to exhibit at the upcoming ‘Packaging Innovations 2018’ Exhibition in London. Showcasing the range of labels they can produce across a variety of industries. As part of the Exhibition Lightboxes project, which was to create the concept and artwork for four large, double sided Lightboxes. The primary focus across five of the panels would be the Fix-a-form® label.


As part of the Exhibition Lightboxes project, I was supplied with non-branded product photography, which displayed the Fix-a-form® label. I felt the focus of the product, which is the label, wasn’t prominent enough against the white background of the product shot. I chose to tint the product packaging with its pre-existing industry sector colour palette; Healthcare (blue), Agrochemical (green), Informational (yellow) and Promotional (red).


For each of the product shots I created a label visual, with a soft-description of the types of Fix-a-form® labels related to the four sectors. The visuals included ‘buzzwords’ which help describe particular benefits of the multi-page label for that industry, such as; SAFEGUARD (Healthcare) labels with tamper-evident protection and ENGAGE (Promotional) eye-catching labels with unique codes. The main purpose of the label visual is to aid in representing ‘real world’ uses and possibilities of the Fix-a-form® multi-page label.