Denny Bros – Exhibition Lightboxes


Denny Bros


Exhibition Lightbox Design


Denny Bros Ltd are a world leading print company that pioneered the multi-page label technology known as Fix-a-Form®. The Fix-a-Form® label occupies the same space as a standard label, but provides additional space for content or multi-language information.


Denny Bros Ltd were to exhibit at the upcoming ‘Packaging Innovations 2018’ Exhibition in London. Showcasing the range of labels they can produce across a variety of industries. To attract potential clients to the stand and to make their products ‘pop’, they chose to feature four 2 x 1m double-sided Lightboxes, which would create a striking contrast against the background of the exhibition stand which consisted of black walls and flooring. The Lightboxes needed to work together in a sequence, but also as stand alone pieces so they could be used interchangeably and switched around during the exhibit and for further events thereafter.


Supplied with non-branded product photography, which displayed the Fix-a-form® label. I felt the focus of the product, which is the label, wasn’t prominent enough against the white background of the product shot. I chose to tint the product packaging with its pre-existing industry sector colour palette; Healthcare (blue), Agrochemical (green), Informational (yellow) and Promotional (red).


To further aid in the representation of the product and to give a ‘real life’ depiction of the practical use of the Fix-a-Form® booklet-label, a faint image representing its industry sector is displayed in the background. Which is enough to meet this objective and doesn’t distract from the multi-page label itself. When the elements are arranged in the way presented, the artwork is on brand, with a fresh creative edge that is always needed within an exhibition environment.