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Ground Developments is a small independent company embarking on a new portfolio of houses named ‘The SKYVIEW’. The SKYVIEW properties are designed to be highly energy efficient, modern, family homes. A strong feature of each property is a ‘Solarspot sun tube’, a sun tube is a tunnel that captures daylight at roof level, allowing maximum transportation of natural light into a building.


For these portfolio of properties, the client requested a logo to represent The SKYVIEW. Which would be used in promotional material, including a Property Brochure. The client particularly liked the idea of featuring a rainbow in the design, to represent the VIEW of the property.


As well as creating a concept with the clients idea of a rainbow, I also explored various other angles and presented different concepts. These were then tweaked to reveal the final design. With the ‘rainbow’ concept, I experimented with various layouts, colour strengths and stroke thicknesses to achieve the clients preferred option.


For visual balance, I wanted the VIEW to line up with the beginning of the rainbow whilst keeping the W within the center of the rainbow, which is a perfect semi-circle. With YOUR PERFECT HOME underneath.