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SKYVIEW Property Brochure Design


Ground Developments is a small independent company embarking on a new portfolio of houses named ‘The SKYVIEW’. The SKYVIEW properties are designed to be highly energy efficient, modern, family homes. A strong feature of each property is a ‘Solarspot sun tube’, a sun tube is a tunnel that captures daylight at roof level, allowing maximum transportation of natural light into a building.


To design a unique property brochure for the first set of SKYVIEW properties. To mirror the uniqueness of The SKYVIEW portfolio, something different to the ‘standard’ property brochure that you would usually see.


Seeing the photography and hearing the description of the SKYVIEW property from the client; open plan living area, airy and bight. I wanted this to reflect within the design. By being predominantly white in colour, this allowed the photographs to be prominent. The eye-catching clean cover design features a circle shape, hinting at the Solarspot sun tube – like a tunnel looking into the brochure. With the inner page layout striking a balance between being highly visual, but including the necessary descriptive text.


A Logo Design for The SKYVIEW was also created, to be used in various promotional material including this Property Brochure. I wanted to ensure that the colours from the logo was introduced throughout the brochure to tie it all together, but without overpowering the photography or to take away from the ‘light and airy’ feel. A simple ‘colour strip’ with the seven colours was introduced along the bottom edge to meet this wish.