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Jessica from Jessica Rose Birth Care & Beyond is a birth and post-natal doula. Offering holistic, emotional and practical support for mothers and their families throughout pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period.


Jessica was preparing to launch her start-up business ‘Jessica Rose Birth Care & Beyond’, as a birth and post-natal doula. She had several ideas in mind as to the look and feel she wanted to achieve with her company logo that would match her personality, business and the holistic approach, whist appealing to her target market.


Doula services are their to provide emotional and practical support for mothers-to-be, this needed to be communicated visually through the design.


For me, incorporating a rose within the logo was the perfect solution. ‘Rose’ of course is part of the clients and company name, but the visual itself also represents the business and services provided; to support the womens journey into motherhood, the start of new life and transformation.


Intertwining the pregnant mother-to-be with the flower, her ‘blooming’ with the rose, imitating Jessica’s support and guidance. The subtle facial features show a proud, relaxed expression, representing the mother-to-be having a more fulfilled, less anxious journey because of Jessica’s assistance.


The light colour palette promotes the feeling of a caring, calm nature offered through doula services, whist retaining a modern, attractive and stylish look.


The concept was hand-illustrated, then created and edited in industry-professional software to produce a digital vector illustration (EPS) file. Which is an essential format for logo designs, suitable for printing and all branding requirements.