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Farthings Dry Cleaners are a small independent business located in the heart of Bury St Edmunds, providing full-service dry cleaning, repair and alteration services. As specialists in their field with over 20 years of experience, they pride themselves in their attention to detail and high-quality services.


Farthings reached out to me as they wanted to increase their brand awareness within the local community. After an initial meeting to gage a more in-depth understanding of the problems they faced, what they wanted to achieve and their long term goals for the business, the immediate synopsis was they felt the larger scope of services on offer wasn’t being communicated. Steve and Micky wanted to begin using Facebook to promote and improve awareness of these services and to build their online presence.


Did you know Farthings offer ski wear reproofing , knitwear de-bobbling and uniform cleaning services? No? Neither did their potential customers.


As an initial step into the world of Facebook, I created continuity with their branding on their profile. A Facebook cover photo was created for each month of the year, along with post artwork that the client can upload in their own time to keep their Facebook page fresh and their following engaged.


A marketing campaign was established with the goal of increasing Facebook Likes. Increasing your following – followers who are highly relevant to your target market and therefore are more likely to convert into a customer, are highly valuable. This particular campaign ran for 2 weeks and grew Farthings Facebook following by a massive 180.5%!


Social media channels such as Facebook, is a great central hub for small businesses to get the reach they require. To make their services or products known within the local community or further afield if desired.