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Windolphs Farm


Logo Design


Windolphs Farm is a beautiful arable family farm, situated in the heart of the Suffolk countryside.


The owners of Windophs Farm wanted to begin hosting events that would open their doors to the public. To promote their farm, they needed a brand identity to use in upcoming promotional material. The farm is an arable farm (with crops) not a pastoral farm (with animals), therefore it was necessary to avoid elements that would give the wrong impression.


After visiting Windolphs Farm, I loved how ‘green’ it was, as far as the eye could see there were trees, crops and various greenery (before the pumpkins had grown!). As well as highlighting the fact that the farm is an arable farm and not a pastural farm, I sought to add a soft personal touch for the lovely couple and their family, through the text ‘family farm’ making it clear it’s a family friendly and family orientated farm, which would work well with the upcoming events they had in mind. Seeing the view at their farm was the inspiration behind the monochromatic colour scheme and final logo illustration.


The work on their identity was followed by the promotional design material for their first ever Pumpkin Fest!